Consulting Approach

Change management and (re)design of organisational units

BCB pursues a holistic structural approach for promotion of organisational flexibility in fast-changing times. How does Digitization change the mind set of high-level executives? What should a flexible, optimal structure of an organisation look like?
Frequently, this is the starting point for a comprehensive process analysis of strategies, systems, management styles, corporate culture and people. We focus on the process as lived by people, as well as the decision-making rules and structures of the management team.
Analysing the function areas in the management team’s processes and its performance represents the first step in realigning an organisation. In order to effectively shape a redesign, a change in individual attitudes, behaviours and capabilities (change competency) is also required. BCB supports companies through all the phases of a change process.

Behaviour in organisations:

An enterprise structure is manifested in the collective behaviour of all members of an organisation. It is only through sustainable changes in behaviour and attitude and building of capacities that personal and collective performance potential can be achieved. Our work in this field is based on extensive experience gained in projects involving management and corporate culture competence models, human resources (HR transformation) and leadership.