Core focus

Talent management and strategic demography management

In our consulting activity we particularly focus on talent management and strategic demography management.
Due to the demography trap, a sustainable and holistic talent management system becomes a central growth factor for companies in the competition to find the right employees. Companies are looking for sustainable answers to the questions associated with finding, keeping and motivating employees who are critical for an enterprise. In this regard talents can be identified at each and every career phase on every professional level.

Increasing communication skills

In special workshops we work out the necessary capabilities of successful communication (national and international), either in teams or in individual trainings. This includes developing  intercultural skills. We focus on  the ability to undertake a realistic self-reflection and to positively extend the sphere of influence. Alternating between building and applying knowledge, the focus is always on the lived and applied practice.

Employer branding

The quality seal for the awards for commendation of TOP employers has now become almost inflationary. But how does a company create a sustainable and authentic employer personality as part of its employer branding strategy?
A clearly profiled employer personality that is developed from the inside (from within the corporate culture) creates clear competitive advantages: Better recruiting opportunities, a higher level of employee satisfaction and decreasing recruiting costs.

Management coaching, particularly “women in leadership”

In group coaching sessions, the question of optimal team performance often arises.
What does an ideal team composition look like? What skills are required in what kind of team structure?
Mixed teams improve the implementation and quality of decisions. Women in executive committees improve the financial success of enterprises, but the percentage of women in executive committees is currently still too low. What skills do women in particular need to be professionally successful ?

Our coaching process usually begins with an intensively conducted positioning discussion, in which the goals are specified for the planned coaching measure(s). Using appropriate management diagnostic instruments supports this process. In individual or group coaching sessions, the coachees will obtain  results that are only available to the respective coachee. These results are alternately used for verification and detailed definition of the conclusions worked out in the sessions. In regular coaching sessions the focus is primarily on achieving the defined goals. Given its unique degree of individualization, individual coaching is one of the most efficient development measures for managers, particularly on the highest levels.
We are part of a network of certified coaches and offer both individual and group coaching.